Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 27, 2015

Diligent Effort

This week has been one filled with hard work, laughs, disappointments, and really good food.
Really this week has been great. 

Monday and Tuesday we were in Kumasi for a Zone Meeting and after the meeting and before heading home we stopped at a little shop that sells imported goods from the US. We bought the following:
A 10 pound bag of pancake mix, 
not enough syrup, 
Snapple drinks, 
and A1. 
The ingredients for a really happy Elder. All has proved to be delicious, but, most is now low and needs to be replenished eventually. 

Speaking of food I had some weird herbal African drink this week. It's supposed to keep you strong, healthy and lose weight. Tasted super bitter but cool experience.

Now speaking of experiences, this was a good one. This week was a little tough. On two separate days, we (elder Hill and I) walked six hours straight with no one willing to listen and fallen (failed) appointments. Yet through all that, we had a good day and we were happy at the end of the day. We continued to push through it and kept trying. I know that's because we know we are doing the Lord's work. I am doing what He expects me to do, and I will magnify that calling. 

I love my District. Elders Merrill, Mkandla, Hill and myself. I have never been more unified or better friends with any other District I've been in. We are close and we just always have a good time, I love my mission.
I took more photos this week!
love you all.
Elder Verdoni 

Waiting to use the one and only computer. 
Brought mats to hang out and enjoy the a/c 

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