Monday, August 3, 2015

Aug 3, 2015

Welcome to the Jungle

Hey everyone! Okay this week was pretty good, it was a lot of fun.
We went to a farm this week in the middle of the JUNGLE and have some really cool investigators!

So, the farm; we went Saturday with a member and her siblings to her farm. We walked from her house to the farm, we left at 8:30am  and got there around 10. We walked, I kid you not, up and over huge hills straight into the middle of the jungle, or the rain forest, still not sure what's what, but holy wow, it was so cool! Except the spiders, there were tons, and they were big, but my machete dealt with them nicely.

We came to clear some of the "bush" (pure jungle) for their farm. Felt like some adventure guy, just whacking the heck out of the jungle with a machete, pretty much super awesome. I loved it. Although my hands and legs were sore when we got home around 2. Tons of fun, I love giving service.

So, we buy a lot of fried rice here, and there's this husband and wife that cook it and it's the best in town, so we've gotten pretty close with them. I felt really prompted to contact them this week and so I did. We taught them Saturday and it went perfectly. They are awesome. Teaching families is pretty rare here, at least it has been for me but this one has so much potential, they really understood the message. So I will update you on that but I'm just so happy because they have become some good friends with us here.

That's pretty much it, been eating tons of rice and pancakes. Although had to make our own chocolate sauce since we ran out of syrup, but its no problem. We're resourceful. I love my District, they are the best.

Came down to Kumasi today to eat KFC again, 2 hours just to do it, but so beyond worth it. 
Love you guys! 
Take care and appreciate what you have.

Elder Verdoni in Ghana


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