Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Aug 17, 2015

What a Week

This week has been very very busy and full on news! also fish

SO to start, I just wanna to say how grateful you should be for the quality of public transportation in the US, even if you don't use it. IT IS NICE. We came back from Kumasi on monday in a Mercedes Sprinter (like a small bus/van). It seats 25 people, there are rows with 4 seats, unfortunately it's only big enough for 3. There was 5 of us in every row. Super hot, super packed, super long, and smelled like gasoline for all 2 painstaking hours of it. We also hit 86(!!!!!!) speed bumps on a straight road back to our home. Elder Mkandla counted. so yeah, be grateful!

Speaking of Mkandla, he is being transferred to Obuasi! And on top of my training I have been called as a District Leader again. Big news right? Well on top of all that Elder Merrill is training a new missionary! We will find out who that is on Wednesday. Big changes for our district, even our mission president expressed his sadness in breaking up such a district, but he needs us, so I hope we can perform to his and the Lords expectations.

A member family this week gifted us some fried fish. delicious if you didn't know. At least I think so. Everything is so soft that you can eat the entire fish, 100% of it. It's like snack food haha, gross right? Also we made doughnuts this week at another members house! So life is pretty sweet here!

The work is going good, we have some progressing investigators, even 2 that were to be baptized this coming sunday but one is ill and the other in Accra, so we got some speedbumps but nothing to stop up. I love this work
Elder Verdoni

Fried fish

It's called okra stew

Just call me Stevie  


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