Monday, June 13, 2016

June 13, 2016

Tis the Season! Of rain!

Oh man its rained everyday this week, not all day but at least once everyday and I have loved it!! In fact, we were at the mission home earlier today and some of the zinc roofing got ripped off because of the wind! So cool!

Elder Tana and I got drenched this week was well. We were walking back from a lesson and we saw some clouds rolling in pretty fast, so you know, a little rain was coming but we can handle a drizzle. No. Straight downpour... and the rain drops were huge! We took cover in some little shop selling lots of plastic goods like bowls and such.. a few powerful gusts of wind came in and blew all his good everywhere. Time to show the people what missionaries are made of, and boy did they get a kick out of it! Mind you we are amid a market with tons of people watching and laughing at us run around in the rain trying to catch all this mans goods. I had a great time. In the end we got him and his friends number and are seeing them tomorrow. Worked out well!

We've got some great families were teaching too. The sisters here before left us two sweet families who are preparing to get married and be baptized. Its real rare here and its been a very good experience to teach them. They are so prepared and so intelligent. Gosh I love them! I will try to get photos of them soon, this week if I can.

Really I am just enjoying life and taking in everything I can from this wonderful place. Only downside is that I get fed all the time and its giving me a cute little rice gut. So I've been working hard to get rid of that too, and I will! 

I love you all!
Elder Verdoni

Letter to Mom - (because I hate spiders)
This week was great, worked with a lot of members, lots of lessons, lots of rain, lots of Killer Bunnies (card game), and LOTS OF SPIDERS. I have fought and killed the biggest spiders I've ever seen in my life this week. Huge. As big as my palm. 

One was pregnant and hatched all its babies as we were trying to kill it. luckily I had bug spray at the time and blew all 1000 of them to kingdom come. They are all trying to escape the rain. but I legit thanked God for allowing us to catch the prego spider before it hatched in our house............


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