Monday, June 27, 2016

June 27, 2016

General Authorities and Blue Rice

Well this week was really eventful!
First off, the rain is killer! Don't get me wrong I absolutely love the rain but I do come home wet and muddy everyday haha. I am just too lazy to wear those dang rain boots! I enjoy my sandals just fine and they are dry enough in the morning haha.

But really this week was really cool, Elder Vinson of the Seventy, and the new Africa West Area President came to speak to us on Thursday. What an incredible experience. My Zone had a special musical number, so we sang "Bright Beams Our Father's Mercy" to the tune of "Come Thou Fount" It was pretty good! But after we sang Elder Vinson used it as a lesson! 

That a lower light, is the light below the light house to give the ships out at sea the more direct route to the safe harbor. The lighthouse gives the general idea to wear the harbor is, but the avoid the reefs and rocks a lower light is needed. Of course we are those lower lights. He used a story of a time when Elder Packer was in Samoa and was on a boat en route to another island at night and in the midst of a severe storm. They reached close to the island where the lighthouse was but could not approach the shore due to the rocks lurking underneath the water. The problem was that the man who was to use his cars headlights as the Lower Light was there, but asleep and the car was off. They waited and waited in the storm. They had to leave at a point due to the severity of the storm and took a very dangerous route around to the other end of the Island. Elder Packer said they almost capsized and drowned. All because one man was asleep. 

I cannot afford to "sleep" and turn my light off. "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your father who is heaven" That light of mine is what will guide people to the safety of our Father. I won't know when those people will see the lighthouse and then be looking for the lower light to guide them. I need to be ready at all times, wherever I may be, to teach and testify about Christ and his Glorious Gospel. I love it.

Wow this long.
On Saturday, one of my converts, Comfort, got married to her long time boyfriend, Timothy. She was baptized in October and Timothy will be baptized soon. Super happy for them and they were happy too. It was really nice going to that wedding because I saw a lot of my friends/converts. It was super fun. She came to take a photo with me and the she danced with me, don't worry she's a mom, it wasn't weird just awesome and everyone got a kick of the white man dancing. Anyway they fed us before we left and it was fried rice, with some sides a DELICIOUS chocolate cake. But the weird thing was that the rice was blue! I have no idea how or when they would have added the color but it was awesome!

Life is so good. Tonight I will go home and eat french fries for dinner. And then tomorrow spaghetti. Our goal is no rice. That's what happens when you put 3 Americans and one Ivorian (Ivory Coast) who loves fries and pizza together.

But on the serious note, we are having a baptism this week of the couple that was married two weeks back. Super excited for them, they've made great strides!
Love you!
Elder Verdoni

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