Tuesday, July 5, 2016

July 5, 2016

Remember what its like to be dry? Me either

Well I'll start by saying that I have never seen more rain in my life than I did yesterday. To celebrate the Birthday of the Great United States, Elder Degen and I with our companions went into town to meet up with a few other Elders (Randall, Wight, Carlson, Hales, Harman, and their companions). We left our area with a slight sprinkle, no problem. By the time we got to town, the rain was falling so hard that the city literally turned into Splash Mountain.

Certain parts of the road were heavily flooded, which we had to walk through, the manhole covers were pushed off and water was gushing out. At the climax of it, the 10ft deep canals that run through the city overflowed. There was no road, there was no sidewalk. Just a river. The rain was torrential. Where we were to meet up with everyone was on higher ground so when we got there the flooding was gone. But there wasn't an inch of me that wasn't wet. There's a road here called Somalia Drive, the Elders who took that road said the only way to pass was by bus, because the water was up to the door handles on some cars. So Dope.I honestly loved every second.

Other than that, we had a successful baptism on Saturday, I had three and Elder Degen had two. It was a great baptism, a lot of people came to show their support for those baptized. The Lord even stopped the rain, brought a hot sun and puffy clouds just in time too, and brought the rain right back after the closing prayer was said. It's safe to say He was pleased with their decision to make those covenants, as were we!

Nothing too crazy besides that, just living in West Africa and loving it!
Elder Verdoni

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