Monday, July 18, 2016

July 18, 2016

A Much Better Week

Ya Ello! Hada (how the) day?
So as the subject line says, this week was much better! The Lord was just testing our resolve I suppose and I think we passed the test because man the miracles came flying! A number of serious new investigators and plenty of members willing to come out and work with us, it was really good.

Teaching a lot of families right now and it's been great! They are all pretty serious and progressing, the only issue is that some are not "legally" but traditionally married without Government recognition, hence the not legal. So with that they cannot be baptized until its registered with the Government, for a pretty hefty price for most Liberians.. so, small small.

We have also had a lot of fun this week with our house guests.. Mice. Man we have declared war on those losers and so far, it's an even fight. Last night out of three we found, we got one, and broke our broom and our mop in the process. But still a victory. We ran out of traps this week so we were left with broom sticks and shoes. Those suckers are fast! But my lightning-like broom strikes are faster! Au Revoir little mouse.

Sorry not pictures as of late, can't find a place that has wifi! You'll know when I do though!
Love you guys!
Elder Verdoni

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