Monday, July 25, 2016

Just Call Me Rooney

July 25, 2016

Just Call Me Rooney

Well this week started on the wrong foot, followed by a series of unavoidable wrong feet. But I still had fun with it and really made the best of what we could!

This week we have had no water, and no power. Took me back to the good old days, didn't know I could miss fetching water from a well with a bucket till I had to do it again! and again! and again,,, and again, and tonight as well. Good work out on my back though!
Ever bathed with less than a gallon of water? surprised at how clean I can get with so little water! (But I could be wrong)

As for the missionary aspect of things it's going well, we found a number of new investigators and one is a family, okay 5 of them are a family! The issue is (and is very reoccurring here) that they are not married, and therefore cannot be baptized, at least until they are married. But they are serious and have been to the Church so were hopeful. Just crazy to think now I am finding people that I will not be able to personally see baptized. Kinda wild. Dont worry though I'm focused. But we're working on a few people who will be baptized the 13th of August though, and they are progressing extremely well, love them to death.

The reason for the subject line though is because today as a zone we played football! And me with my Red Devil (Manchester United) Jersey swept the field today! Okay not really, I'm nowhere near as good as the African Elders, they're insane, but I did my part. Didn't score any goals but I sure defended my goal and its keeper well enough! It's my favorite sport by far, I just wish I could play it.

Anyway, another week come and gone, they are going way too fast!
Elder Verdoni

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