Tuesday, June 21, 2016

June 21, 2016

Hey Everyone! Instead of spending 10 minutes trying to decide what to put as my subject line, I just left it hope to figure it out by the end of this email and not forgetting to put anything there.

This week was good! In terms of missionary work it was sweet! Elder Tana and I are steadily improving with the area and the people we're teaching. We have a number of investigators but my favorite as of now are the families we are teaching, it's hard to find strong knit families here, but God has helped me find three of them. One of which just got married at the church on Saturday and will be baptized in two weeks. Man I love them, they are just awesome people. We have been working hard with the other families (no small help from the members either) to help them progress. They're great. 

Something that can just make your heart sing is when you see a less active member come to church. This Sunday we had two. We've been working with them very closely and it's been a great experience. I love them all. That's just what I have been trying to do. Love the people. Once someone understands that you actually care for them and are will to help them and become their friend, they tend to open up and listen to what you have to say because at some point they start caring about you too. I'm not here just speak some words and make sure they come to church. I am here to make sure they know that God loves them and that happens by feeling my love, which gives them the confidence to do the things I ask them to do to repent and feel the Spirit. 

Elder Tana has also been improving in his teaching abilities greatly, he isn't reluctant to open his mouth and testify, which has been a great blessing to me haha. I love that man, he's a lot of fun and a great Elder.

The rain is still coming, which is why I didnt send this yesterday, the storm knocked out the Internet.. but I am loving the rain, sure not getting this level of rain at home so I am soaking it all in...literally (Ba dum pish)

Well that was my week, it went by super fast! This coming one will be pretty cool as Elder Vinson of the 70 is coming to visit the Mission on Thursday, stoked.
Elder Verdoni

no new pics until later

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