Tuesday, June 7, 2016

June 7, 2016


Hey everyone!
Sorry this is a day late, we got really busy yesterday and bad traffic caused us not to come home till around 6pm.

In short I am loving this place so much, It has been so much fun working out in a new area. My new companion is Elder Tana from Hawaii!! He's Samoan and huge. Its been so fun. The other missionaries, Elder Degen and Elder Smith are also great guys. The apartment is also SO DANG NICE. We have near constant power, a generator if we dont, a washing machine, tons of games, and 4 Americans, we have too much fun haha.

Of course its not without its challenges. All four of us have been working blind here as the sisters were here before and didn't leave us with much to work with. So we have struggled a little bit but it has improved day by day. The people and families we have found have been really good and have great potential, I'm excited to spend my next 3 months here.

It also rains cats and dogs here. Rainy season has begun (as I type this I am wearing boots) and it's not gonna stop. I love the rain, even if it makes things a bit harder at times. 

Also a great strength I have had here is Sister Smith. She's like the Secretary over at the mission office, which doubles for the church offices in Liberia. Her and I are close and she's in my area! she's a lot of fun and makes great food. Her whole family is awesome. 

Well you're going to have to endure one more week without pictures! The cafes here charge way too much and so I am gonna buy a modem so I don't have to pay tons of money..
But I love you guys, till next week!
Elder Verdoni

Letter to mom
Life is nice though. Holy cow I miss so many people from my last area. I wish I could just spend hours telling you about all of them, I wish you knew them like I do, you'd love them. I don't feel it to much now but going home will just tear my to pieces. Being so excited to see you, but being absolutely heartbroken at the fact that I will most likely never see most of the ones I love again till after this life. It's a hard thought, but I have been able to stay in contact with them so that's been good.

I really really love you mom, you are such a good mother. I read Elder Hollands talk, Behold Thy Mother and man I love you. I miss you too, a lot. I cant believe how much time I don't have left.
anyway I gotta go, I love you!!

Because no pics were sent, here are some from the rainy season last year! 

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